If your localized Russian website stats show high levels of cart abandonment, high bounce rates, low conversion rates and low time on page, it may be the result of a variety of issues.

From unclear wording or a confusing checkout sequence to text overflow or display issues

A website review will give you actionable advice on improving your localized Russian website, from easy fixes to suggestions for adapting copy for a better market fit.


A detailed page-by-page website review addresses each of the following

  • message matching: paid advertising & search results

  • design issues

  • language issues (clarity, consistency, tone of voice)

  • visual flow and cultural acceptability of visuals

  • funnel sequences review

  • checkout sequence review

  • email communications, and

  • competitor messaging analysis

Ekaterina Howard, Pinwheel Translations: website localization and reviews

Why work with me

Having worked in marketing translation since 2006, I believe that a website translation can be successful only when it is treated as a copywriting project — with the added challenge of marketing to a different audience, based in a different country and with different cultural expectations.

Linguistic quality assurance review will address the language part of the equation, but this is not the same as bringing in competitor analysis data or taking into account design, user intent, differences in consumer expectations.

To help my clients make their website not only sound local, but also address the pain points, the needs and the expectations of their Russian buyers, I use conversion copywriting framework and cross-cultural skills.


As an example of striking differences between localized and native websites, here is my paper for the Global Digital Marketing and Localization Certification program:


Website review: What you get

  1. Website review video recording with screen-by-screen analysis

  2. Website review document with prioritized recommendations

  3. Email communications analysis

  4. Competitor analysis with messaging comparison, comparison of website structure and a comparison of the prioritized webpages

  5. 30-minute post-review consultation or a 30-minute follow-up call with feedback on implementation

The turnaround for website reviews is 2 to 3 weeks, the pricing will depend on the deliverables and starts at 1350 USD.

If you need a quicker turnaround, or are not certain that an in-depth website review is the right choice for your localized website, book a 1-hour call to discuss your localization challenges. The 1-hour call is 250 USD.