Website localization into Russian:

Learn how to avoid simple mistakes, make your Russian-speaking readers feel like VIPs and grow your sales — all without breaking the bank

Start your into-Russian localization project feeling confident, not overwhelmed… even if you don’t “do localization”.

Finish your localization project on time and on budget.

Keep sales rate up and drop-off rates down


After you’ve read this guide, you will be able to do the following:

  • Avoid the most common formatting mistakes that undermine a website’s credibility

  • Localize the marketing collateral that often gets left behind

  • Decide whether to globalize or localize your English copy before your translation project starts, making rework less likely

  • Lay out steps of your localization project

  • Make your checkout process smooth and quick, not painful and confusing

  • Update and improve your localized website layout and structure, based on research and your localization strategy


If you still find yourself struggling with getting your localization project off the ground after reading the guide, email me any time to work on a plan together. No sales pitch, no credit card required.

I’m based in balmy North Carolina, so we can get together for a virtual coffee any time during EST business hours.